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Pattana’s sports facilities and academies will take you to the top of your game.
Our fully accredited coaches and staff, along with affiliations to leading sports associations, clubs and organizations, will help you tap into your hidden champion.

We aim to support and encourage athletes in all kinds of sports. Professional or aspiring, sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Together, we’ll bring your performance to levels you may have never thought possible.

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Not only is our golf game up to par, but Pattana’s other sporty offerings are always on the ball.The Arena is where it all converges – football, swimming, biking, running and more. Basecamp, located within The Arena zone, provides all the amenities you need to support a fit and healthy lifestyle. Grab the latest sports gadgets, apparel and equipment in our retail outlets, and fuel up for optimal performance with healthy juices, meals and snacks. There is also a bike rental and a bike storage area, so you can push your limits on the uninterrupted 6 km track encircling Pattana’s grounds.

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The EnergyLab is 850 sqm. Pattana Fitness and Performance Center.
This bright and modern space offers the lasts equipment, built around test-target-train-track methodology. The focus is on improving fitness and athletic performance as clients strive to achieve their personal best.